Here’s Wind’s new, super relaxing offer: “Crazy”

    Here's Wind's new, super relaxing offer:

    WindTre Continue to overlook the competition with a large number of Offers for all ages. The company that recently merged with the “Tre” brand; It just amazes us with incredible new shows that we can’t help but blow your mind. Moreover, she was born in the recent period New products and services Which is really worth watching. Some of these are landline rates plan; That alone 33.99 euros per month It doesn’t just serve you Fiber up to 2.5Gbpsbut includes the modem, the standard plan for Netflix Including and even 12 months free Amazon Prime!

    Since he also activated gas and electricity offers, WindTre is certainly ahead of all other companies that do not offer this type of service: in this way, in fact, this super operator puts us in a position where we can Manage all home facilities Across One company and forget about all those unwanted calls from call center and similar services.

    phone offers

    Even shows reserved for mobile phones are no different; As we said before, in fact, there is rates for all ages; Great for embracing the needs of a wide range of customers. Scrolling through their section dedicated to offers of this kind, you can find offers under 14 for € 6.99; Offers over 60 Which include BRONDI PHONE, for the elderly or those who are not particularly inclined to new technologies; Or, again, submit it using 100GB, Unlimited Minutes and SMS for only €9.99.

    By switching to WindTre from another operator, on the other hand, you can win an offer tailored to you Starting at just €7.99. Once you have identified your original company, in fact, you will be presented with 4 offers that differ in terms of GB number and payment method. Prices range from €7.99 to €9.99 while a gigabyte from 50 to 150; It’s all up to you to choose the tariff plan and payment method that you prefer.

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