Here’s what’s happening in Australia

    Here’s what’s happening in Australia

    In Australia, a major class-action lawsuit over Covid-19 vaccine infections has been filed against the national government and the medicines regulator. The suit has 500 members, including three plaintiffs, and seeks damages for those who were allegedly harmed or lost by the Covid-19 vaccine. It’s the first time this has happened. A precedent that could be taken by many parties.

    During the pandemic, Australia has implemented a failed “Zero Covid” strategy, with prolonged and repeated lockdowns. So far, the federal vaccine injury compensation program has paid $7.3 million to 137 people, but for 3,501 claims.

    The class action, filed in New South Wales Federal Court, accuses the federal government, Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and the Department of Health of negligence in approving and monitoring Covid-19 vaccines, breach of legal obligations and abuse of public office. According to the prosecution, the defendants approved the vaccine policies “without any evidentiary or reasonable basis or logic to determine that the vaccines are safe, effective and have a positive risk-benefit profile.”

    The action will argue that the Therapeutic Goods Administration has failed in its duty to properly regulate Covid-19 vaccines, resulting in serious harm and harm to Australians. Meanwhile, Australian GP, ​​Melissa McCann, has picked up A A crowdfunding campaign of more than one hundred thousand dollars in support of the lawsuit. He tweeted Dr McCann, who pointed the finger at “psychological manipulation” and “silence” that would make them feel “abandoned”, as well as against the current compensation system, which he deemed “not fit for purpose”.

    Specifically, there are three applicants, as we read in L’indipendente, all individuals affected by the vaccine: the first is 41-year-old Gareth O’Grady, who after the first Pfizer vaccination developed severe pericarditis, so he had to undergo an open heart to remove the pericardial cyst lining the heart; Then there is the case of 66-year-old Antonio DeRose, who developed encephalomyelitis, after the AstraZeneca vaccine; Finally, Anthony Rose, 47, complains of serious cognitive impairment and chronic fatigue after a recent vaccination.

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