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Here’s what to plant in September to have a balcony and flower garden in the fall

Here's what to plant in September to have a balcony and flower garden in the fall

The end of summer is approaching and we are already feeling the cooler temperatures. This means that summer flowers lose their petals to begin their long recovery period. However, this does not mean that we have to give up the fragrance and colors of this wonder of nature.

So here’s what to plant in September for a balcony and flower garden in the fall. Fortunately, in fact, we have the opportunity to take advantage of a long line of plants that show their colors during this period. Here are 3 types that can give you great satisfaction with little effort.


Here’s what to plant in September to have a balcony and flower garden in the fall

September, October and November are the ideal months to plant a well known and much appreciated plant, hydrangea. This small shrub offers generous flowering that can occur at different times of the year. For example, hydrangea plants can bloom from summer to late fall.

It is a plant that does not require intensive care and easily fills large areas. Not to mention the huge variety of colors they offer, from white to blue to pink. Just leave it in partial shade and water them now and then. Failure to observe the correct exposure of our plant is part of 3 very common mistakes that you should not make so as not to damage the flowering garden and balcony.

Moreover, we cannot ignore the possibilities offered by chrysanthemums. This plant, in fact, offers autumn flowering par excellence. We believe this species offers more than 200 different species, ranging in size and color. It is also a plant that tolerates changes in temperatures typical of this period. Let’s expose it to direct light for at least 5 hours a day and enjoy the floral sequence.

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The last flower we want to talk about is not among the most classic if we consider the plants offered by florists. It is, in fact, a species we often meet in the fields and in the woods, in short, a wild type in general. However, nothing is stopping us from bringing some of that spontaneous magic into our gardens or balconies, too. We are talking about saffron, a flower of many varieties.

saffron flower

Among the most famous there is certainly Sativus, from which valuable saffron is obtained. We actually introduced the cultivation technique of this plant when we talked about it How to save money by growing this very expensive ingredient in your own garden. These are small arched flowers of various colors, such as violet or white. These grow from the bulb or from the seed and the flowers appear in all their beauty mostly in the fall.

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