Here’s what happens if you kill Meryl, the Pope’s turtle –

    Here's what happens if you kill Meryl, the Pope's turtle -

    what if yes kill MerylThe Papa’s turtle to elden ring? How many times did he ask her if they met her? After all, the world created by FromSoftware is unforgiving and makes you want to experience as much as possible, even by killing friendly creatures like this.

    As a result, it is better not to kill her. No, doing so does not involve certain penalties, but it is really a painful and painful process, as shown in the video made by YouTuber Indyrael that we suggest below:

    Despite her great health bar, Meryl is a total creature helpless. When he is injured, he tries to slip back into his shell, and fails completely. Fighting her is real sadistic because she is irresistible. Plus, when you kill her, she explodes into a desperate scream that really hurts her heart. All for the sake of a very poor and unnecessary reward.

    The world of Elden Ring is very unfriendly to the player, so why deprive yourself of the few who want to help us? For the rest, we remind you that the game, including turtle, is available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, S, PS4 and PS5. If you want to know more, read our review.

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