Home Economy Here the most fragrant flowers in the world are revealed

Here the most fragrant flowers in the world are revealed

Here the most fragrant flowers in the world are revealed

Plants, especially flowers, have always been appreciated for their optical properties. There are different varieties, and they usually have bright colors.
The visual aspect isn’t the only thing that matters though. When deciding to plant or give flowers, their meaning is often taken into account as well as their outward appearance.
The fragrance emanating from them should be an additional ingredient that must be evaluated in these cases. In fact, the sensations that a perfume can create can be very powerful and important. For those who are not experienced, here are the most fragrant flowers in the world.

First in class

The flower par excellence, the most fragrant of all, is definitely the rose. This flower is able to adapt to any situation. In fact, it can be found in parks and gardens, in balconies and terraces, but also in homes and apartments.

It also stands out among the most fragrant flowers in the world Plumeria. This particular flower comes from the Caribbean, so it must be grown in warm places. If the outside temperature is unfavorable, it can still be planted in pots and kept indoors.

Lavender also has a strong, unmistakable scent. The same goes for her cousin Daphne Odorosa, or oriental lavender. Often these fragrances are used to prepare cosmetics and household cleaners.

Aromatic osmanthus can boast of a name that is in itself a guarantee. Although not well known in Italy, it still deserves recognition for being among the most fragrant flowers in the world.

Calicanthus is another very fragrant flower. Unlike other species, calicanthus blooms in winter, so it is possible to feel drunk in the coldest months of the year, between January and March.

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Flowers are not to be underestimated

The list of beautiful, but above all fragrant flowers does not end there. Indeed, Brugmansia, for example, is another very fragrant flower specimen. Its scent is reminiscent of citrus and gives the best of the evening.

The gardenia and jasmine blossoms featured on this list are on the right. They are both summer flowers and their strong scents manage to bring us back there, on long summer evenings.

Finally, flowers Begonia They give off a delicious aroma like the scent of lily. The latter is often used for flower arrangements and for decorating flower beds and gardens.

It might not really be possible to make an objective list, but here are the most fragrant flowers in the world in our opinion.

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