Here is the Smartass method

    Here is the Smartass method
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    Gas meter – passion for technology

    One of the main problems that have plagued Italy and, in general, the whole of Europe for some time now, is undoubtedly the expensive energy.

    It all started exactly a year ago, coinciding with the outbreak of conflicts in Ukraine, which not only brought with them scars that were reflected on the entire European scene, like forest fires. Just think, for example, of the increase that we recorded in food products of all kinds, which witnessed a record high, which led to real general inflation in the food sector.

    In addition, we also remember the cost of energy, which has received a significant increase, precisely because of the conflicts in Ukraine, which have forced the main energy suppliers (such as Enel Energia, in the case of Italian suppliers) to increase the cost of monthly bills, which creates a great deal of discontent and confusion among all European citizens.

    In this really difficult and almost painful climate, fortunately the intervention of European governments was swift and immediate, with various measures specifically aimed at addressing expensive energy and thus helping the most needy segments of the population.

    Limiting ourselves to the Italian government, for example, let’s remember first of all the famous energy bonus of 150 euros, which can be deducted directly from the consumption of the monthly energy bills. To this, we then add all the concessions and deductions offered to purchase a new generation device, which is characterized by lower consumption compared to previous years, and thus enables significant savings at the end of the month. Finally, let’s mention the Superbonus 110%, which until recently made it possible to reimburse the total costs envisaged for building a photovoltaic system inside one’s home, with all the benefits derived from it.

    Smartass trick

    To deal with this crisis, some “cunning energy workers” have recently devised a way to manage non-payment for gas: let’s find out together how this method works, which we want to repeat is completely illegal and must necessarily be prosecuted.

    In fact, these criminals usually close the meter valve itself, then unscrew it completely and drill a hole inside the membrane: in this way, in fact, the gas is still able to pass through, although at a much lower speed than normal.

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    Gas valve – passion for technology

    The basic difference is that in this case the counter is not restarted and therefore will not record any consumption by the user. It must be remembered that behaviors of this kind carry punitive penalties and should be avoided in any case.

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