Here is the potential identity of the masked rapper

    Here is the potential identity of the masked rapper

    in the scene pop And rap music Modern music has become a crazy fashion to hide one’s identity. Marketing or artistic choice? Certainly, the fame of some stars tends to increase, in some cases, by hiding their faces behind a mask. And so, as if football Premier League It wasn’t really exciting for the matches played, at United kingdom phenomenon of population migration dietthe masked singer who claims to play in the Premier League and who has surpassed 500,000 views with his song “Thrill”…

    Did you drop in the English Premier League, Manchester City or Arsenal?

    The BBC website also mentioned, among other things, behind the identity diet There will be a player Manchester city or from arsenal. The reason for the statement consists of some of the words from the songs that are recited.My team keeps winning, every game is like a final’, which clearly indicates the title of the race between Arsenal Hey Citizens. The most observant claimed that he could be a player Arteta, Eddie Nketiah Because her name is very similar to that of the singer and her body seems to match that of the mysterious rapper.

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