Home Economy Here are the situations in which the first home is at risk

Here are the situations in which the first home is at risk


There are certain circumstances that prevent tax authorities from offsetting the first home. But, if there is the opposite, the situation changes.

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How far can the tax authorities go in claiming your loan? The mortgage option is well known and in fact represents the maximum that the creditor can reach. However, in the case of debt Directly with the Revenue AgencyThe possibility is very remote. Indeed, by decree n. On 69/2013, the first house was completely protected. In fact, the group cannot continue directly in the first house, albeit under certain conditions. The first is its uniqueness. That is, it must constitute the sole property of the debtor.

The second condition, of course, concerns the cadastral category. The property must not be registered as deluxe. Another condition: Cannot be booked by tax references If the debt is less than 120 thousand euros. However, we must be careful: there are cases when the first house may be in danger. Here, too, everything is subject to the occurrence of certain conditions.

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Taxes and First Home: When Foreclosure Can Happen

If it is true that the occurrence of certain circumstances prevents tax authorities from withholding, then unfortunately the opposite is also true. That is, their absence cannot impede a possible action. In this case, the exact opposite of what was said above applies. This is, When the debt is more than 120 thousand eurosIf the value of the real estate owned exceeds the same value. Moreover, the tax authorities can reach out to the first house in the event of a mortgage, and if 30 days have passed from the moment of registration without payment or demand for installments.

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Paying off debt, in essence, is one of those options worth considering. Often, in fact, it can be not only a deterrent to large expenses but also an opportunity to avoid them. The exercise of foreclosure by the tax authorities. Moreover, it should be noted that even in the case of a mortgage, the tax authority will not be able to proceed with this ruling if the debt is less than 20 thousand euros and there has been no mortgage notice for 6 months, as required by law.

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