Here are the procedures for traveling to and from the UK

    Estate 2021 e turismo nei paesi extra UE: ecco le misure per viaggiare da e verso il Regno Unito

    United kingdom – It’s just before and with the start of summer, so, too season subordinate holidays and the gods re-enter. In fact, like every year, there are many tourists Which Sicilians abroad Chose come back (come back) on our beautiful Isola. As we have seen, from the 1st of next July for the 27 countries of the European Union, the Green Corridor will come into force, which will allow you to travel without many restrictions. But what are the rules for non-EU countries?

    Let’s analyze some of the most important cases together. to me first date who is this Address Book we will talk about United kingdom.

    United kingdom

    Surely the first non-EU country to get the most attention is United kingdom. every year they Millions I British citizens Which Sicily e Italian residents at United kingdom Travel to Sicily and Italy in general. Unfortunately, due to Covid and restrictions, it will be more complicated this summer to be able to come to the beautiful country.

    The real problems that arise in the movements between the UK and Italy are not related to the actions of our government, but those adopted by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. But let’s see why.

    To enter Italian soil from the United Kingdom a Online localization form (also called digital passenger locator forms (dPLF) and file submission Certificate proving that a molecular or antigen test has been performed, Made in previous 48 hours Entry into Italy, made with a smear and with a negative result. Moreover, if it was not possible to comply with these measures, it is still possible to enter Italy provided:

    • subject credit isolation and health monitoring for a period of Ten (10) daysIn the home or residence, inform the Prevention Department of the competent health authority in the region;
    • make a file Molecular or antigenic test at the end of isolation trust.

    These procedures, however new in our lives, are not overly restrictive and allow, with proper control, the possibility to come to the beautiful country.

    As we said before, the real problem is with the return. In fact, for British citizens and residents only, the real restrictions are on returning to Britain. Johnson’s government has, in recent weeks, approved a “traffic light system” for travel abroad England, namely: the countries in the “green” region, the “yellow” region, and the “red” region.

    Italy, like the rest of the European Union and most of the world, is located in the “yellow” zone and this means that it is necessary to comply with specific and costly restrictions:

    • To enter British territory, you must present a covid test In the past three days. The Degree must be in English, French or Spanish It must state, in addition to the negative result of the examination, the name of the traveler as indicated on the passport / ID card, the date of birth, the name of the examination performed and the contact details of the medical center that was carried out outside it;
    • Passengers must complete Online localization form (passenger locator form) In the two days prior to departure. The form asks for a specific address and phone number at which travelers can be contacted;
    • Upon arrival, all passengers must be monitored 10 days From credit isolation (at a place specifically indicated on the online site form) and prior to arriving in the United Kingdom, bundle of 2 wipes It is performed on the second and eighth day of quarantine. The cost of tampons, approved by the British government, is about 80-200 Euro (Mainly depends on the city of residence). If you want to end quarantine early, you can access a file Scheme release test, or the purchase of an additional tampon (from a private provider) made on the fifth day;
    • Swabs will be provided by private providers and will have to be done during quarantine

    These measures make movements outside Great Britain difficult. In fact, especially the employees, they can afford no more than 10 days off in the summer vacation. This forces Sicilians and Italians abroad to return only for a few days. but not only costs of the holidays rise significantly. Between tampons to arrive in Italy and those made in the UK, costs can exceed in some cases تتجاوز 300/400 euros in total.

    The restrictions imposed by England were also implemented by governmentsnorthern Ireland Born in Wales.

    The government has imposed similar measures, except for some minor changes Scotch. For those coming to Scotland, from the Yellow List countries, these actions must be carried out:

    • Fill out the passenger site form,
    • Take a COVID-19 test before travelling;
    • Book and pay £170 because I am COVID-19 travel test From The second day and the eighth day – You must book your test kit using the CTM booking portal – No other type of test kit, such as free NHS kits or those sold by private companies, can be used for these tests.

    On arrival in Scotland, it is necessary to isolate yourself at home or in the chosen location for 10 days and get tested for COVID-19 – on the second and eighth days, or after 10 days of isolation.

    Information about travel and tourism in non-European countries is waiting for you on time next one a week.

    Image source: Visit London

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