Home Economy Here are the most used Postepay Evolution scams

Here are the most used Postepay Evolution scams

Here are the most used Postepay Evolution scams

Post payment Hackers are still in sight: a new online scam is able to empty checking accounts that are taking hold of dangerously.

Among the various and evident developments made by fraudsters trying to grab users’ access credentials, there has also been a clear improvement in the look and feel of text associated with warning emails. No more grammatical and grammatical errors that usually serve as alarm bells, presumably the result of a rough use of Google translatorBut the smoother Italian is perhaps motivated by the intervention of native-language translators.

As bait for bitten victims, intruders struck. “Spade“The unique system for digital ID access to the online services of the Italian public administration and the individuals who join them. The risk is already high for all prepaid card holders. Italian Post, Higher for the type “has evolved”, Which is a system that also allows sending and receiving of wire transfers as it is linked to Iban.

The method that online fraudsters are using again is a method Trolling: The phishing message circulating around the web is being forwarded to many users. Most of them do not take the bait or equip themselves with tools to counter this phenomenon, but fraud still multiplies.

Dear Customer, We inform you of the amendment of the general conditions for the “PosteID Enabled SPID” service in the new version., The letter of deception begins. “What changes for you?” The basic service, as described in the General Terms of Service, is free for individuals. There are no changes regarding the function and use of the digital identity. Any future changes to the general terms of service will be known to the owners, in advance, through specific information On the website, in the notification panel, or through other channels or methods Poste thinks she adopts.Remember that: You can no longer use your PostePay card if you do not accept the the changes contractual. We also need your cooperation, you will need to update your profile information online within 48 hours of receiving this contact.

When you decide to update as suggested in the email, the account will be emptied in a short time. Those who receive this message should send the email to the trash and delete it, then they can report the fraud attempt to [email protected].

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