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Here are the games that beat them up – Nerd4.life

Here are the games that beat them up - Nerd4.life

There are many games that, even years later, have managed to maintain a fan following. One of the simplest ways to calculate this success is to analyze the number of modern players steam. As a rule, many expect to see works like GTA 5, Rust e Apex Legends Among the highest positions. Well that’s it, but all three of the works were as well Defeats. Want to know which games?

GTA 5, Rust, and Apex Legends were recently defeated on Steam from Immortal tale (Immortal tale) Which, at the time of writing, has settled on 121,000 contemporary players, thus defeating EA’s battle royale (113,388 players), Rockstar World’s Open Adventure (102,000 users) and even multiplayer (85,000 players).

This is an impressive achievement given the availability of 鬼谷 八荒 (an eternal tale) In Simplified Chinese only. There is no English translation, so the only audience who can access it is Chinese. It is also important to emphasize that the result was obtained in less than a month: the game was actually released on January 27, 2021. Thus the “beginner” knocks out giants such as GTA 5, Rust and Apex Legends.

It clearly doesn’t come close to numbers for giants like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (631,000 players at the time of writing), DOTA 2 (383,000) and PlayerUnknown’s BatteGrouds (280,000). In fact, there’s a new game that does better than 八荒 八荒: Let’s talk about the famous Valhaim, Which is at the time of writing 157000. So there are two games we managed to defeat GTA 5 in a short time.

We expect Tale of Immortal to achieve impressive results once an English translation is provided. Obviously, the reported data can change in a few hours, but 鬼谷 八荒 is clearly one of the most interesting games at the moment. Finally, we remind you that Valheim has already sold a million copies on Steam: The Big Surprise of 2021?

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