Healthy nutrition and physical exercise: The Carabinieri’s recipe for psychosomatic well-being

    Healthy nutrition and physical exercise: The Carabinieri's recipe for psychosomatic well-being

    the fitness It is important. especially for carbinery, You are involved multiple times in sensitive organizations that require a financial commitment. The joint resumption of correct lifestyles, with a healthy and varied diet and regular physical exercise, will certainly make an essential contribution not only to Weight control, but also for the health and psycho-physical well-being of the carabinieri, thus being able to enjoy all the benefits that it implies for both the body, of course, and the mind.

    lately circular In fact, emphasis is placed on the psychophysical competence of the gendarme and on the role of management. “In order to ensure the effective completion of the specific institutional tasks and to avoid possible conditions of hardship related – Carabinieri’s Chief of Staff, General D. Mario Cinque . writes The importance of the role played by leaders at various levels, as they are empowered to “take care of the living conditions and well-being of employees” and “ensure compliance with safety and prevention rules to maintain the physical integrity of employees”, as well as employers, officials, along with other components of the apparatus stipulated in Sector regulations, on the implementation of “voluntary health promotion programmes”.

    “We just learned about it at the time. The generalization continues The need for the growing spread of a healthy lifestyle culture, which includes Regular physical exercise, correct eating habits and periodic monitoring of the main criteria for the prevention of cardiovascular problemsI.”

    In cooperation with the competent dispensaries, the change in the health of the carabinieri will be evaluated (even for symptomatic overweight cases) Highlight that any legal medical measures are “measures” taken a Advantage above all for one’s health, as well as because of the responsibility assigned to management for protection From Care e efficiency from Staff.

    You will have to Promote sports activity, given the close relationship between physical exerciseMental health and wellbeing (the perfect mind in healthy body), proceed, for example, to the promotion Unused spaces with small gyms or some gymnastics equipment (in compliance with the provisions for the prevention of accidents and the precautions envisaged in the current epidemiological emergency), as well as the promotion of agreements with gyms, sports centers and swimming pools.

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