Health: S. Elpidio Mare, gym revitalization – Marche

    Health: S.  Elpidio Mare, gym revitalization – Marche

    Av 4, a complete offering with natural medicine, intermediate and home care

    (ANSA) – ST. Elpidio a Mare, DECEMBER 29 – Rehabilitation treatments are back in St. Elpidio a Mare (Fermo) with the revitalization of the private gym at the county seat of St. Elpidio a Mare. This was announced by the Sub-Commissioner of the vast Region 4 Asur of Fermo Roberto Grinta: In the process of redevelopment and expansion of the sanitary offer of the pole of the province of Sant’Elpidio a Mare, from January 2, 2023, it will be possible to give an additional response to the sanitary needs of the province.

    “The offer of outpatient rehabilitation treatments, which has not existed for several years in the municipality of Sant’Elpidio a Mare, – recalls the sub-commissioner – will be reintroduced with the opening of a gymnasium that guarantees services to external users”. In the start-up phase, the activity will mainly aim to ensure that waiting lists are eliminated with support activities for the Rehabilitation Center of Porto Sant’Elpidio. Dr. Romana Aturisi, Director of the Faculty of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, who will conclude her career on December 31, has completed the program to expand the activities of her operational unit. “In the structure of the province of Elpidiense,” at the moment rehabilitation is already in the intermediate care department, in the clinic of physical medicine or at home. With the resumption of outpatient rehabilitation activity, the supply will be completed and patient care will be ensured at 360 degrees in various types of settings.” (ANSA).

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