Headaches: How to avoid them on vacation


    Professor’s advice. Piero Barbanti, Director of the Headache and Pain Research Unit, IRCCS San Raffaele Pisana in Rome Let’s find out how to leave for holidays in peace, without any headache affecting our lives!

    Headaches: How to avoid them on vacation |  Good

    This year on vacation Migraine It won’t hold you anymore not ready. It is now certain that it is possible to prevent at least one, if not all of them Most factors that cause headaches. However, a lot also depends on you, because there is always a reason behind every crisis Migraine.

    there Knowledge from headache Basic to Solving the problem Appropriately

    The professor explains Piero Barbanti.

    So it is important that you try Identify factors that exacerbate attacks. Eliminating them from your lifestyle takes a huge step forward. This information, however, must be shared with your doctor, Because it is very useful in more targeted combat against headache.

    Headache: all the wrong departure stress?

    Headaches: How to avoid them on vacation |  Good

    The Days before departure hectic: In the office you work more and in free moments We run across town to make the last purchases. When we finally leave, Voltage drop And this is the moment when it’s easier Migraine victims. To try not to spoil your vacation right away, let’s try the following:

    • Starting from the week before departuretake herbal tea based relaxing herbsLike orange blossom or lemon balm.
    • Devote at least two evenings to one person Bathing with lukewarm water With a few drops of Lavender essential oil or rose.
    • follow on light diet The last week of work, like pasta with tomatoes, steamed fish and vegetables, Fresh fruit and water to taste.

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