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    He would have called her

    no top streamer Twitch Imane ‘Bokimane“Anis publicly accused streamer Tyler”ninjaBlevins said he supported a hate raid thrown at her by Jidion, another streamer, and also called her a “bitch.” According to Girl Ninja, she used her contacts to help Jidion, who meanwhile received a permanent ban.

    the Jidion hate the raid It dates back to December 13 and Pokimane was forced to terminate its broadcast prematurely, due to offenses received in chat comments and spam. After this event, Jidion’s Twitch channel was suspended for 14 days, but on January 17 the order was turned into a permanent ban.

    On the same day, Bukimane explained on her Ninja channel her involvement, which she and other streamers would give her and other “whores” in messages to her contacts designed to help Jidion avoid being banned.

    More precisely, a ninja would have said: “You can’t go on Twitch raiding whoresPokimane was confused by Ninja’s words and wondered if she would use the same words for a big definition streamer, in case he was subjected to a raid of hate.

    Furthermore, the player did not like Ninja’s attempt to help Jidion in an attempt to avoid Twitch’s sacred punishment, an attempt also announced during the broadcast:Why would Ninja help someone who harassed me? I have no idea, really don’t know what to say.

    But the drama did not end there, because Jessica Blevins, the wife of a Ninja, sent a letter to Pokimane, which was published by the tape, in which she stated that her words were defamatory and that the Ninja family intended to involve lawyers in the matter. , Prosecute. In addition, Blevins stated that the Ninja did not write to anyone to support Jidion’s cause, and flew the accusations: at this point she would be the one to cause problems, with related harassment and threats, to Ninja and the matter would be taken seriously.

    How will this story end? It’s hard to say, given the characters involved. All that’s left is to wait if the Blevins’ family is actually going to file a lawsuit or they’ll all end up with private agreements.

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