He was forced to withdraw

    He was forced to withdraw

    Pee noise forced to withdraw fromFamous Island to a health problem. Let’s find out what happened to him.

    Isola dei Famosi: May 22 advance

    In a wild and unspoiled context, as well-known characters measure themselves against nature and its fears, the May 22 episode of “Celebrity Island“Foreshadows unrest and unexpected feelings. Ilary Blasey, who has been running the popular reality show for the third year in a row, will help Alvinlive reporter from Honduras, and by studio critics, Vladimir Luxoria and Enrico Papi.

    The evening will be a prelude to two characters highly appreciated by the Italian public: Nikita Bellison and Aldo Montano. They both land in Honduras to offer their help to the tribes and to book a surprise for their companions Helena Prestes and Andrea Lo Cicero, who are currently in trouble on the beach of Playa Palapa.

    Over the course of the episode, a fundamental change will upset the balance of the island: the tribes, even to this distinct point, will unite. From now on, the competition will become even more intense, turning into an unprecedented competition against everyone.

    At the end of the nominations organized by live AlvinHalf of the castaways will have to face the televised referee. In a context where every choice can make a difference, the public vote will play a crucial role. An evening full of suspense and shakiness is expected, in which viewers will have the power to influence the fate of their favorites.

    What kind of health problem does Paulo Nuez suffer from?

    Pee noise forced to withdraw fromFamous Island due to a health problem. They did not provide details about what happened to 105 Zoo’s beloved DJ.

    Most importantly, though pee He is now recovered even if the program doctor forces him to return to Italy. Noise He talked about falling but we don’t know if it was a metaphor.

    Once back in Italy he will surely reveal what happened to him. We repeat that the most important aspect is that he overcame the health problem and that now, as he himself said, he is fine.

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