He “threatens” reservists, fires the defense minister (and eats lobster on Saturdays) – Corriere.it

    He “threatens” reservists, fires the defense minister (and eats lobster on Saturdays) – Corriere.it

    L’Lobster, albeit cooked by Gordon Ramsay, risks staying on the stomach Benjamin Netanyahu. which was filmed by Neighbors in London while Taste the recipes of the British chef After meeting with the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. And so, on an already saturated board of issues to be resolved, the Israeli prime minister also found himself being criticized for this. Sabbath defiled – Dinner was on Friday evening – And eating oysters that were forbidden by the Jewish religion. A list that has become political because its far-right coalition aims to pass an “unleavened bread law” in hospitals in time for the Easter holidays in about ten days: the ultra-Orthodox parties want to ban doctors, patients and visiting relatives To eat a loaf of bread in the amber, Even just a house for the Arabs.

    Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, arrived in Israel Saturday night, hours after Defense Minister Yoav Gallant addressed the nation: He first ordered a separation and asked Bibi, as he is nicknamed, To stop the forced march in parliament for justice plan The opposition and the Israelis on the streets who have been protesting for eleven weeks are a lightning campaign to dismantle democracy. “The rift in society is about the army. This situation represents a serious and imminent danger to the country. Said the former general who entered the politics of Bibi Netanyahu’s Likud party. It took him twenty-four hours to get rid of him and sack him, sparking protests – even violent ones – in front of the prime minister’s residence.

    The officers are worried Protests among reservists who refuse to show up for training and are already jamming the operations of elite units like the 69th Aviation Squadron (pilots of the most advanced F-15s, those who should lead a potential mission against the atomic centers developed by Tehran, which the prime minister reiterates is getting closer than ever). or special forces fighters (even matched the prestigious Matkal in which Netanyahu served) even the army he had to serve in the Palestinian territories, where he could have been An increase in exemptions of up to 15 percent. The General Staff summoned Israeli journalists to spread the concerns: “The enemies see us as weak, and they calculate that the possibilities of responding to an attack are limited,” a source explained, specifying that this analysis is shared by the secret services.

    Netanyahu, in full power for more than 15 years under the banner of Mr. Security, has no intention of stopping: He wants to approve the text within this week This ensures that he has control over the appointments of judges, effectively subordinating the Supreme Court to the decisions of the executive branch without the possibility of overruling laws that conflict with civil rights or democratic norms.

    “I can no longer continue to represent this government,” the Israeli Consul General in New York, Assaf Zamir, said in his resignation.

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