“He tested the waters,” the rumor is — Libero Quotidiano

    “He tested the waters,” the rumor is — Libero Quotidiano

    Noel LeGreatPresident French Football Federationhas been over in the storm in the past few hours for his remarks about Zidane – “He can go where he wants, I don’t care, we always wanted to keep him Deschamps like ct” – which also saw the reaction of characters like Mbappe And the Minister of Sports Amelie Odea Castera, and alleged personal scandals Sexual in his responsibility. Meanwhile, in the past few hours, news has arrived from Paris of direct interest in the matter on the part of the President of the Republic. Emmanuel Macron: It was reported that the head of heaven sent a letter to Michael Platini “To test the waters” and would have asked him about his readiness to take over the leadership of the French Football Federation. The indiscretion was exposed by French journalist Rmc, Daniel Riolo.

    Le Graët, who is also the chair of the FFF’s National Ethics Council, is calling for him to resign

    For Le Graët, Tuesday was not an easy day: Patrick AntonThe head of the Federation’s National Ethics Council asked the current president to resign from his post: “We demand the head of the federation to withdraw from his positions and thus resign” because, according to the newspaper reports. the teamWe need a president strong and calm, Which, unfortunately, is no longer the case.” Le Graet’s apology was not enough to calm the mood. More important news is expected in the next few hours.

    Le Graët and his words of apology

    “I would like to apologize for these remarks which do not at all reflect my thinking or appreciation of the player he was and the coach he has become – however, Le Grat’s words of apology were not enough to reassure all the protagonists of the story – I admit that I uttered inaccurate sentences that provoked a misunderstanding. Zidane knows the great respect I have for him, like all Frenchmen.”

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