Home sport He sold Washington’s leaders for $6 billion

He sold Washington’s leaders for $6 billion

He sold Washington’s leaders for $6 billion

Now it’s official. the washington leaders, NFL Team, Change of Ownership and Date Entry: Hmm The most expensive team signing in the history of sports. To impress the now former owners Dan and Tanya Snyder, the billionaire-led business consortium Josh Harris to push $6.05 billion (approximately 6 billion euros), as previously envisagedPurchase agreement It took place on May 12th.

as it seems from Official note Made by the NFL, the official announcement came yesterday, after the owners of the other teams unanimously expressed their vote in favor of the deal. “Congratulations to Josh Harris and his incredible group of partners,” said NFL President Roger Goodell. “Josh has a solid track record in business, sports, and his communities. The diverse crew he’s put together is remarkable in his business acumen and strong Washington ties. So let’s welcome them.”

Phyllis Harris, who declared during the same press conference, “A Washington fan for life. It’s part of who I am and who I’ve become as a person. But being a fan isn’t enough,” Harris said. “To be successful, we need to win championships, positively impact the community, and create incredible memories and experiences for our fans, just like the ones I had as a boy growing up in Washington.”

Who is Josh Harris?

Harris owns shares in other sports clubs: hya Pittsburgh Steelers (always in the NFL), ai New Jersey Devils (Nhl), even Crystal Palace (Premier League) and ai Philadelphia Seventy Sixers (NBA) – who is also a managing partner -. The value of his stake in the 76ers, in particular, has more than quintuple since he bought it (for $290 million) with a group of investors in 2011.

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As proven ForbesHarris has $6.6 billion in assets, mainly due to his stake (about 6%) in Apollo Global Managementthe investment firm he co-founded.

Top 10 most expensive deals in sports

As I mentioned visualcapitalist.combased on data from cbs Born in Wall Street Journal, The purchase of the Washington Commanders became the most expensive in sports history, surpassing the $5.3 billion spent by the consortium led by Todd Bohle to buy Chelsea.

Below is the ranking. All figures are in dollars

  1. Washington Leaders (2023): 6.05 billion
  2. Chelsea (2022): 5.3 billion
  3. Denver Broncos (2022): 4.7 billion
  4. Phoenix Suns (2023): 4.09 billion
  5. Milwaukee Bucks (2023): 3.5 billion
  6. New York Mets (2020): 2.4 billion
  7. Brooklyn Nets (2019): 2.4 billion
  8. Carolina Panthers (2018): 2.2 billion
  9. Houston Rockets (2017): 2.2 billion
  10. Los Angeles Dodgers (2012): 2 billion

Register already at risk

Leaders’ track record may be short-lived. The Glazer family is keen to sell Manchester United, and the club is valued at more than $6 billion. In June, Reuters It has been reported That the Glazer family entered into exclusive negotiations with the consortium led by Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani, son of the former Prime Minister of the State of Qatar.

Several other billionaires have also been linked with United in the past. among them too James RatcliffeFounder of the chemical giant Ineos and the UK’s richest man.

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