Have you ever heard of Vishing? It’s a way to steal thousands of euros from you Take care

    Have you ever heard of Vishing?  It’s a way to steal thousands of euros from you  Take care

    We hear more and more about voice phishing, which is shortened to voice phishing: what is it and how do we prevent it and not be fooled?

    the PhishingPhishing, commonly known as phishing, is an attempted scam where the scammer is able to contact the scam victim via phone or voicemail in order to obtain personal data that will be used to void accounts.

    Phishing is a Cybercrime Because scammers can gain access to a person’s bank account and digital access to all personal accounts on various websites and social networks.

    The victim is usually contacted in a way that frightens them, reveals a potential danger associated with their money, or lures them in with a hypothesis. profitable investmentor even convince her to help someone in an emergency.

    Phishing takes advantage of the so-called Social engineering To communicate with the victims and take advantage of the feelings and emotions that prompt them to act immediately, without applying logic and rationality.

    How to recognize a phishing attempt: the most common scam examples

    Scammers often present themselves in a role that inspires confidence, such as Bank employees, insurance agents and much more They hope that the person concerned will decide to entrust them with the personal data. Potential victims are contacted based on certain criteria, such as the area in which they live, the time of year, age, or other personal circumstances.

    What is it The most common phishing techniques? The person contacting us can warn us of a risk related to our existing account, which has been compromised through a cyber attack. In this case, the scammer tries to convince the victim to transfer the money to a more secure account. In this case you should contact your bank immediately. Other scammers can pretend to be tax officials asking to collect unpaid tax. Or they can still pretend to be employees of a social security institution and ask for details about the pension: the victims in this case are elderly people who have not been informed about this kind of danger.


    How to prevent and defend against a phishing attack: Never trust

    To defend yourself against a phishing attack, you don’t have to Do not share your data over the phone. Another way is not to answer calls that come from unknown numbers. To ensure that you are not contacted by noisy call centers, you should always register on the Opposition Register, stating that you are not interested in receiving commercial information.

    Also, be careful not to respond to emails, texts, or social media messages asking for your phone number. The best way to act? End any call where they are asked Personal data such as address and bank detailsOr credit card numbers or passwords, remembering that no company or bank asks for this kind of information in this way.

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