Hasiballah, the most famous web troll arrested for blocking traffic: I apologize

    Hasiballah, the most famous web troll arrested for blocking traffic: I apologize

    TikTok’s most famous troll was arrested for blocking traffic in Dagestan for partying with a friend’s bachelor party: “We overdid it, we won’t do it again.”

    God counts Magomedovthe web star was influenced by dwarfism; the pituitary glandHe was arrested a week ago DagestanRepublic of the Russian Federation. the reason? Traffic violations. According to foreign sources, Hasibullah and his friends took control of the road to celebrate a bachelor’s day for one of the group’s members, and ended up blocking traffic. As it appears in the videos, Hasibullah was not driving his car, but he was still arrested because he participated in the “number” that was filmed on social media.

    What happened

    Hasbulla Magomedov and four other cars full of friends start to slow down and then suddenly pick up speed (as you can see in the RedCorner MMA video, first to spread the word). In a later sequence, two cars attempt a stunt in the middle of an intersection. The bravado that cost dearly and that also resulted Two cars to collidewithout causing physical harm to the persons concerned. All this was already enough to alert the police, who translated the “stunt” authors to the nearest station.

    Public apology

    Hasibullah is already loose, as are his friends. On social media he publicly apologized: “We overdo it. We won’t do that again guys. We are really sorry. We were playing and joking around, but I still wanted to respond. I wasn’t driving anyway.” The spokesman for the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan also wanted to clarify the following: “The way bachelor parties are celebrated in Dagestan is famous even far beyond the borders of the republic. In the absence of other forms of entertainment, this primitive option remains very popular. They block roads, drop tires, crash into each other. All things that have nothing to do with wedding celebrations “.

    Blanco writes a letter to Ariston and Sanremo: “I apologize to the City of Flowers.”

    Hasbulla is already free: he walks in Dagestan with his cat

    But all is well that ends well. Now Hasbulla is already free, a few minutes ago in an Instagram story he showed himself smiling as he strolled the streets of Dagestan in the company of his cat, comfortably placed in a stroller.

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