Home science Has Rockstar relaxed? Fans discuss ban on the Confederate flag

Has Rockstar relaxed? Fans discuss ban on the Confederate flag

  Has Rockstar relaxed?  Fans discuss ban on the Confederate flag

On the gaming forum pages Reddit, many fans of the Grand Theft Auto series are participating in a heated discussion about the reasons why Rockstar Games removed the Confederate Flag from GTA Trilogy Ultimate Edition.

The crux of the controversy that fuels discussion among redditors is represented by the small but significant change inPhil Cassidy clothes: In the The first gameplay of GTA TrilogyImmortalized the gunslinger in GTA Vice City wearing T-shirt without the Confederate flag.

Its replacement with a stylized image of the skull has prompted many to wonder if this change could indicate a type Rockstar “smoothing” and his reckless approach to dealing with sensitive issues without any bias and above all without falling into “political correctness”. So the fear expressed by some editors is the fear of seeing someone big forced to Don’t deal with highly contentious issues To avoid antagonizing a segment of the audience, and thus jeopardizing their video game sales.

There are also those who, in light of the ban on the Confederate flag, question whether Rockstar will review in the future with GTA 6 Further reworking of other aspects of their titles, such as dialogues between characters, spoof tones and parodies of fictional in-game advertisements or the content of the missions to be performed.

Before you leave the comments, we remind you that GTA Trilogy The Definitive Edition is scheduled for releaseNovember 11 On PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S: The remastered version of GTA San Andreas will immediately arrive on Xbox Game Pass, while the updated version of GTA 3 is set to arrive on PS Now in December VII.

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