Happy Days, a musical of naive and carefree America

    Happy Days, a musical of naive and carefree America
    Happy days musical

    At the National Theater in Milan with Saltavos Corporation Back on stage Happy days musicaleven three days May 7th; The replay date has already been set for May 3, 4 and 5, 2024, which is an important stage for the company celebrating Twenty years of successes. Happy days musicalwhich has captivated audiences in past seasons, is already recording Sales recordswith a booklet Garry Marshallwords and music Paul Williamsderived from the homologous e Famous TV series from Paramount Pictures, which was broadcast in the United States from January 15, 1974 to September 24, 1984 on the ABC television network. supply with Directed by Adriano Tellarinithe Music direction by David Taglinto and the Choreography by Martina Massa, Sofia Massa Based on the series created by Garry Marshall – author of many TV shows and creator of successful TV series, including Mork and Mindy and manager Pretty woman – and say The life of a typical American Cunningham family in a small townin the provincial town of Milwaukee, between the 1950s and 1960s

    happy Days

    Twentieth century. A healthy, relaxed young man, very different from that lost youth From the 1950s played by James Dean. In Italy, the first episode was broadcast on December 8, 1977, and for many of us it represented a glimpse into a naive, respectful, and compassionate America. While the musical premiered in 2007 at the Falcon Theater in Burbank, California, produced and directed by Marshall himself, an Italian version was released in 2011. With a cast of thirty artists including actors, singers and dancers, Saltavus presents a two-hour show of Brilliant entertainment on the captivating notes of 1950s rock and roll, with a stage show that brings to life on stage the ambiance and sounds of that era, which have overwhelmingly returned in fashion in this recent period. The songs are all in Italian’s language Translated by Michele Renzolo and the Words by Franco Travaglio – Including a memorable song happy Days – Strictly performing live in the polyphony typical of the period. A way to make the approach easier even if it doesn’t save us a little

    Happy Days Fonzie Marion

    Tact and maybe some moments a little creaky.

    Fonzie Pinky

    The female voices are lovely, especially Mrs. Cunningham, ‘Sottiletta’ and Pinky and Arthur Fonzarelli, the legendary Fonzie, who has long studied the character’s gestures, fits perfectly into the part. Against the backdrop of Arnold’s car, carefree stories of celebrities are found Characters TV Series: Fonzie, in his leather jacket, tough guy with a heart of gold with irresistible charm and a true star of the show, who can’t say “I was wrong,” is also destined to fall in love and get lost. in the adventure of life, after preaching, to live it intensely, to love much and never to comb one; Howard Cunningham, the breadwinner; His wife Marion, a perfect housewife, hardly reveals any resentment, like Nora doll house, in a sweetened version; Sons Richie, a kind boy who dreams of a journalist who names his typewriter, “Jack”, in honor of Jack Kerouac and his sister Joan, known as “Skinny”; Finally the group of friends is Ralph, Bootsie, Chachi, Alfred, Pinky, and Lorebeth, who want to become officially engaged to Richie. a amarcord generations And also the seasonality, in that season of life, which dreams of freedom and aggression: the party with which the music ends speaks precisely of the happy days, the days of high school, with a little melancholy because perhaps it will be the last time they will do it. all together. Boys are ready to become adults and go their own way. The story remains a hymn to family and love, to the good things that run counter to each other but in the depths of the dreams of each one of us.

    edited by Ilaria Guidantoni

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