Hands off our girls, the plot, the actors, the actors, the epilogue, where they shot

    Giù le mani dalle nostre figlie film Canale 5

    The film tells of three girls trying to become women during the prom.

    Channel 5 The movie is titled Hands off our girls!. It’s a comedy movie.

    production from United States of America. The year of completion is 2018 and the duration is 1 hour and 42 minutes.

    Hands off our girls' movie actresses

    Hands off our Girls movie – trend, heroes, where it is filmed

    direction is Kai Cannon. main heroes Kyla And the Julie Decker Interpreted straight by Geraldine Viswanathan And the Catherine Newton. Also in the cast Gideon Adlon in turn Toxic.

    Filmed in Americaespecially a Atlanta and surrounding areas in province Georgia.

    production from Point Gray Pictures In cooperation with DMG Entertainment And the good universe.

    The film is internationally known by its title blockers.

    Hands off our girls where the movie is being shot

    Hands off Banatna – the plot of the film broadcast on Channel Five

    The plot has its heroes JulieAnd the Kyla And the ToxicThree girls plan to lose their virginity during the night of their last high school prom.

    Julie She is engaged to AustinAnd the Kyla Instead, he vows to do it with his lab partner Connor. Toxic Instead, she is a gay girl who joins the charter just to solidify the relationship with her best friends. Go to prom with Chada decent boy that everyone considers completely harmless.

    The three fathers mistakenly learn of the sexual pact their daughters exchanged. They listened to the cell phone of Julie Various messages are intercepted. Each of them is trying to stop their daughters, even if one of them has a hunch. Toxic He is gay.

    But then he learns it, because he sees it with his own eyes Toxic is kissing Chad. Thus, the three fathers try by every means to prevent their daughters from fulfilling the covenants set forth between them. And all evening, they follow the girls from one party to the next: it is clear that each parent has his own motives.

    Final spoiler

    Two overprotective parents deny that their daughter has almost grown into a woman. On the other hand, the other father feels guilty for neglecting his daughter Toxic During his sad separation from his mother, who was cheating on him.

    .’s mother Julie She struggles not to abandon her only daughter and is almost humiliated by the plans made by the three girls.

    Hands off our final Banatuna movie

    Hands off our girls: the full cast

    Below is the film crew Hands off our girls! And the characters played by the actors

    • Leslie Mann: Lisa Decker
    • John Cena: Mitchell
    • Ike Barinholtz: Fisher man
    • Catherine Newton: Julie Decker
    • Geraldine Viswanathan: Kyla
    • Gideon Adlon: Toxic
    • Graham Phillips: Austin
    • Miles Robbins: Connor
    • Ramona Young: Angelica
    • Sarayo Blue: Marcy
    • Jimmy Bellinger: Chad
    • John Diane Raphael: brenda
    • Jake Peking: Keeler
    • Hannibal Burss: frank
    • Colton Dunn: Rudy
    • Gary Col: rune
    • Gina Gershon: Kathy
    • Jim Carter: Jayden

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