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Hamilton redesign its management team

Hamilton redesign its management team
Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 E performance launch – Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton redesign its management team. Right. Seven-time Formula 1 world champion, with right-handed Mark Haynes gone, must reorganize his crew. The two have been together for quite some time and have been very close. Now the Lewis administration will undergo changes.

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Hamilton is redesigning the team, what’s the news?

After Lewis Hamilton’s professional tracks split from Mark Haynes, the Mercedes driver must realign his squad. The right hand of the hero wanted to pursue other goals at a professional level and for this he had to leave Hamilton. However, the pilot says the two have stayed in very good shape: “Mark is one of my best friends and that won’t change. He’s on his way to doing other great things. We’ve had a great partnership together and I’m really grateful and proud of the work that I think we’ve accomplished together. I’m doing some minor renovations now and there are plans at stake we’re working on for the future. Soon there will be someone new to manage all of this. “

Moreover, Hamilton is also working on new base in England, and more support. The pilot already owns two homes, one in Monaco and the other in Colorado. United State: “I live in the dream place where all other drivers live, in Monaco. But I also have a house in England and I’m really excited that it’s over. So, when I go to the UK, I will finally have a place and a place of my own. It would be better than staying in a hotel.” “It’s never fun since this is what we do a lot throughout the year. So I think it’s the start of something great and a place where I can naturally take my family and maybe in the future to build a family.”

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