Halo: Pablo Schreiber Responds to the Haters Series | television

     Halo: Pablo Schreiber Responds to the Haters Series |  television
    Pablo Schreiberthe protagonist of the series of live events HelloAnd he responded to the haters’ criticism of the decision to show the face of Mr. President.

    With Zee’s photo on his Instagram profile, Schreiber thanked all the audience, haters included, with a lengthy post attached that you can read below:

    Many thanks to everyone who supports our series! We were the second most watched entertainment show broadcast in the US last week after CODA Best Picture Oscar winner and among the most watched shows in Canada! Coming to other regions soon, the Halo series is now officially a smash hit and will soon become a global phenomenon!

    To all the fans who have waited for this moment for so long and the newcomers who responded with such great support and love, I am honored to be of service to this amazing universe and tradition.

    To all the “fans” who chanted against the host team, who hated the series before watching it and didn’t agree with what we were doing, I respect your opinion and love you too. Because the truth is, we love the same thing. And I will continue to do my best every day to make this series the best it can be, to bring attention and respect to the Halo world we love. Each of us…

    Halo is available on NOW and Sky.

    What do you think of Pablo Schreiber’s words to haters? Hello? Let us know in a comment below or, if you prefer, on our social channels.

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    source: Character Book

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