Hacked Accounts, Hackers Easily Deceived EA Help Consultants – Nerd4.life

    Hacked Accounts, Hackers Easily Deceived EA Help Consultants - Nerd4.life

    I mentioned that in the mirror electronic arts He investigates in a series of attempts FIFA accounts hack. A number of broadcasters and players in FIFA Ultimate Team saw external access and had their accounts hacked.

    Reportedly, the hacker They were able to convince advisors from the EA Help chat service to hand over email addresses and even change passwords by providing the player name or PSN ID associated with an EA account.

    FIFA 22 . Stadium
    FIFA 22 . Stadium

    donkey footOne user affected by the hacker commented, “I intend to take legal action, they gave my account to a random person via live chat, which is a clear violation of data protection laws. I have told EA Live Chat twice to add notes to my account to report that my account was being targeted by hackers and not to change No details, and they did the same. They couldn’t have done more and to be honest I didn’t have to do anything. These are basic security systems, what happened is disgusting.”

    In response, EA issued the following statement to The Mirror: “We are aware of and are investigating recent hacking attempts. More information can be found on how to secure your account, including how to enable two-factor authentication. World Health Organization. “

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