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Gyms, bars, restaurants and cinemas prepare for the big day. Italy wants to start over

  Gyms, bars, restaurants and cinemas prepare for the big day.  Italy wants to start over

They are now in an economic meltdown, so the mere possibility of a restart is enough for them to start getting busy. The roar of engines, the desire to start over, in gyms, pubs and small bars. And in movie theaters. Time is running out, and check the data that can lead to the green light for a big comeback Yellow area For some, it is now around the corner. Thus in Genoa there are restaurants who left the lights on for days in their buildings, on the one hand for institutions to hear them on the one hand and on the other hand to signal customers. It looks like they are saying “We will return.” Bad Re-opening Everyone expects it. Mario Lorini, director of Anec (National Association of Film Performers), on March 27 was one step away from seeing the audience return to the stage. Now he thinks so: “We are in contact with the government. They asked us to take sustainable measures so we can start over. “

The protocol already exists. Limited seating, nominal tickets, and continuous ventilation of buildings is an established structure. “So that they can restart indoor theaters by May to release new films. Outdoor concerts may resume from June.” On the other hand, Daniele Brocci, Confesercenti tourism coordinator explained. Rome Lazio, to be able to leave again, you have to start working. “We need programming – he explains – especially when it comes to tourism. At this point, if we go back at the end of April to yellow, you will see the first economic moves with my bridges the 1st of May and the 2nd of June.” So we are preparing as best we can, until We resort to vaccinations for tourism workers in order not to risk losing the season. “We are expecting important openings from May 3 with the arrival of arrivals from the USA, Russia and China. And let’s not forget that in October the G20 in the Euro will lead to this. Rome Twenty countries. “

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But the gyms stopped waiting for a few days, after the demonstration in Rome, the ads speak for themselves: “The gymnasium is open to all competing athletes.” And when you get up, they take care of it, by participating in a contest of prominent national interest, on the deadlines set by Coni, every change of Dpcm and every time they get smarter, the municipality struggles to keep it with the cards and maybe a little decides to get less angry. Recording is locked, just register as alarms. Of course the numbers are not the ones in the past, 280 clients versus 3,000, the goal is to survive, and it is clear that many of the structures will never be reopened. “Many structures have decided to reopen – as explained by the national president Anbalas Giampiero Guglielme – or now or ever, at least 20, 30%, some form of protest.”

Davide Di Clemente has kept one of his gyms open since November, Il Cavaliere nero “before all the police came, now the climate hasn’t changed, let alone much.” They have taken to the streets, have taken classes online, and in the yard have stopped paying rents, and they are in trouble. Even for them, there was nothing left but the competitive membership, which was previously bragged about for a few hours in advertisements. Other than resourcefulness, it has become survival. They received no relief, but an evacuation. Those who received the restricted rents were required to pay interest. “We have a family,” chanting. Then there is another phenomenon. “People are calling us – explains Aeterna partner Simone Colasanti – they can’t stand it anymore. They are asking when we will reopen ».

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