Home science Gym closed, 1,752 customers mocked: ‘They’re gone with our money’ – Chronicle

Gym closed, 1,752 customers mocked: ‘They’re gone with our money’ – Chronicle

Gym closed, 1,752 customers mocked: 'They're gone with our money' - Chronicle

“Unfortunately there areThe headquarters in Via Paolo Sarpi will remain closed From now until a date to be determined Structural restoration workFrom a short email, received at 22.52 on October 14, The . epic 1,752 customers from the gymnasium at the 20Hours Club circuit at No. 8 in Via Paolo Sarpi, In Milan’s Chinatown. Managers are gone, the gates remain shut, and subscription money, already paid in some cases for the next five years, will likely vanish into thin air. A mockery of athletes attracted by low costs and services – from session rooms and fitness activities to the pool – that have gone beyond classic open-structure training equipment, under various departments, for more than twenty years. “We are organizing to get our money back – a client explains – and so far the managers have never responded to our requests.”

Just silence, blank emails and disconnected phones. Some clients have turned to Federconsumatori Milano, which will organize a public meeting to take the first steps toward a possible legal action to obtain a refund. “The gym continued to urge users to sign up and then close without informing of possible reopening dates – as Carmelo Benenti, president of Federconsumatori Milan – explains – and without giving the possibility of re-positioning at other clubs at no cost, leaving citizens without any information or idea about it. How to get money back spent. We’ve seen many similar cases, even before the pandemic, and have never ruled out the potential criminal liability of gym managers who “disappear.” According to some customers, the sports center in Via Paolo Sarpi 8 has been experiencing financial difficulties for some time, which have also been swelled by a health emergency that has forced the structures to stop for a long time. You will continue to offer annual or multi-year passes, even at reduced rates: around 700 euros for a five-year card. Income is not only given the large number of customers. Then came the sudden closure, emailed with a sheet hanging over the gate.

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You can continue to practice your subscription anywhere From the 20-hour circuit – reads e-mail – by presenting the Club Sarpi card and the season ticket. “A message that prompted some clients to contact other Milan structures of the same department, which in some cases would have asked for new season tickets and in others they offered alternative solutions. In any case, the managers specified, the burden of reimbursement falls on the individual structures, so in these The situation lies with the club in Paolo Sarpi Road, not the company that owns the brand.At the same time, protests are proliferating, including in the Paolo Sarpi social street, adhesions given to the rally.

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