Guillermo del Toro Announces New Animated Movie After Pinocchio!

    Guillermo del Toro Announces New Animated Movie After Pinocchio!

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    Mexican director Guillermo del Toro has announced that he will make a new stop-motion animated film after the success of his version of Pinocchio for Netflix.

    Guillermo del Toro to direct a new animated film yet Pinocchio for Netflix, but it will be a while before we see it…

    It just looks like that Guillermo del Toro He was admired thus, after the success and appreciation of the audience and critics its adaptation from a tale Pinocchiocreated for Netflix, announced the Mexican director of Wanting to direct another animated film, developed with stop motion technology.

    In an interview with the British newspaper The Telegraph (via collider), del Toro revealed Title and details of the upcoming animation project which you intend to achieve, however, in anticipation of this The movie will not see the light soon.

    The next movie I want to make is an adaptation of the novel Kazuo IshiguroAnd Buried Giant. I write it with Dennis Kelly We plan to start the design phase in the next two months. I’m going to do a live action movie first But in the meantime, we’ll develop the movie’s look book, and if all goes well, Production should begin within two years fact”.

    Dennis Kelly is a British writer and playwright. His experience in film and television led him to write the film Black Sea to Kevin McDonald Based on MatildaMusical adaptation of the novel Matilda to Roald Dahlas well as the cult TV series The virtuous city.
    Conspiracy Buried Giant The film is about Axel and Beatrice, an elderly couple living in England. A strange fog has long since begun to envelop the community in which they live, and soon, The couple realizes that the society they live in is beginning to be affected by a strange amnesia. Even they are not delivered, with the memories of their life together and their love slowly fading away. Among these memories, the son’s memories also resurfaced, who moved away from them for reasons they can’t remember. Hence, the decision of the two to set out to find him, thus tying the threads of their existence.

    Guillermo del Toro, it will be Frankenstein movie before Buried Giant?

    Considering the time required to make a stop-motion animated film, it’s only natural that del Toro would want to do another live-action project in parallel. According to rumors, the film in question could be the one that the director has been trying to make for several years, without success, i.e. adapting the film to Frankenstein to Mary Shelley.
    Del Toro has repeated over and over, in fact, that Shelley’s novel is a personal obsession for her. Now, all clues seem to point to this being the film the director will shoot, once again thanks to the collaboration with Netflix, responsible for both Pinocchio and the anthological series. Guillermo del Toro’s intriguing cabinet.
    Suspects come from Del Toro’s own remarks to the podcast Various prize circuit A while ago the director mentioned a film in development that he couldn’t reveal what title he was working on.

    I’m working on a monster movie, whose address I can’t reveal because it might change and I might end up doing something else. For now, though, I’m writing and planning this movie, which I’ve been doing for the past two years. I hope it will be my next movieBut anything can happen.”

    It’s also likely that the leaden feet the director talks about on the project are due to some sort of superstition attached to them Postponements and constant setbacks to his film Frankenstein through the years. But after his word, a series of rumors surfaced that the film’s production is already ready to begin, with Oscar Isaac In the first place to play the hero.
    We’ll see if this is really the right time for the Mexican director.

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