Home entertainment Guests include Diana del Buffalo, Carolina Crescentini and Giorgio Pasotti

Guests include Diana del Buffalo, Carolina Crescentini and Giorgio Pasotti


Carolina Crescentini, Giorgio Pasotti, Diana del Buffalo, Vittorio Storaro, Peter Chelsom, Andrea Arcangeli, Mario de la Rosa and Ronaldinho. These are some of the guests and winners of the 15th edition of Nations Prize 2021 that will happen From 22 to 25 July in Taormina Under the High Patronage of the European Parliament and the Sicilian Region and thanks to the EvenTao, it returns to reward the great faces of cinema and entertainment on the Italian and international levels. They are also always distinguished by a particularly important and current topic: Environmental protection and protection. In fact, this year too Nations Prize The year 2021 will provide ample space for all the environmental issues that have attracted public attention in recent years: from climate emergencies to pollution and waste disposal, through to sustainable tourism, climate and nutrition. This event is also supported for the first time by the Ocean Sea Foundation. The last evening to be held on July 25 in the ancient theater hosts, as every year, personalities of absolute importance, who during the previous days had participated in various artistic and cultural activities.

Among the winners of Nations Prize 2021 Also some of the most famous faces of TV series in recent years, such as Maggie Sevantos (Macarena Ferrero in Face a Face And Angels Vidal Ne Divider girls) e Mario de la Rosa, The international star after the success of the series paper house In which he played the role of Suarez. to Carolina Crescentini The Nations Award will be given due to his ability to combine great professionalism and dedication to acting in his career. Another international name isIt will arrive in Taormina directly from the United States, it will be Peter ChelsomBritish director, actor and screenwriter (Coincidence, Shall We Dance?, Hannah Montana) has had the huge success of his latest film protectionIt is among the top 10 most watched movies on live stream worldwide. Among the characters who stood out in the past year, Norma Serletti, better known as norma education, The internet’s greatest depopulated English teacher on Instagram during lockdown: Nations award for her ability to demonstrate strong entrepreneurial ability, creativity and commitment. still Andrea Archangel, an actor who, despite his young age, already has a background that has prompted him to work with great directors and illustrious colleagues: New from Success divine codeno, the Nation Award for his extraordinary interpretation of Roberto Baggio, the champion of the sport, but also a style icon for all generations. For actor and director Giorgio Pasotti will come withHe received the Bottega Award for his multifaceted talent and versatility. to Vittorio StoraroDirector of Photography and three-time Academy Award winner for Apocalypse Now, Reds e The last emperor, the Nations Lifetime Achievement Award for his artistic and expressive sensibility, and for his extraordinary career recognized worldwide.

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I am pleased to be back with a new edition, completely renewed, in addition to celebrating national and international actors, filmmakers motivated by social issues rooted in environmental sustainability, a great deal of space will also be provided for young translators of Italian cinema and entertainment. – It is important to foster young talent and reward them for their intuition, commitment and ability for great entrepreneurship,” declared Michel Curatullo, President of the Nations Prize. “This edition of the Nations Prize will also remember Sebastiano Tosa, archaeologist and regional advisor, victim of the Ethiopian Airlines massacre, for which she created the Prize Nations also has a special award dedicated to his memory that will be honored this year by President Donatella Bianchi. WWF Italy. During the event, thematic exhibitions, conferences, round tables, film classes, press conferences and local activities will be exchanged. RDS is the official radio of Nations Prize 2021.

(PhD) Angelo Costanzo)

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