Guardians of the Galaxy – Volume 3 is over 200 million in the United States

    Guardians of the Galaxy – Volume 3 is over 200 million in the United States

    Recently, Marvel movies have had a sharp drop in their second weekend. Effective way, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantamania Lost 69.9%, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever 63.3%, T.EHor: Love and Thunder 67.7%, and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness 67%.

    Definitely different speech for the third chapter of Guardians of the Galaxy, which according to current estimates would have earned $15M on Friday (-69%) and especially $54-55M (-54%) for the whole weekend, which means a total of $207.9M so far. Another good sign of approval for this title that bodes well for it also settling in the coming weeks, when the competition will be tough (beginning with Fast and Furious 10 in a few days). Compared to its predecessors, we’re on about the same percentages of decline (the first two episodes scored -55%), but the absolute numbers are different (the original film grossed 42.1 million in its second weekend, sequel 65.2 million).

    Second place for Super Mario Bros., which, now in its sixth week, has won another 13.3m (with a perfect -28%) over the weekend and 2.9m on Friday, for a total so far of 536.2m. To understand the value of this estate, just remember that only the first chapter of frozen It did significantly better in its sixth weekend with 28.5 million. Other animated titles with similarly beautiful costumes were then Frozen II (16.8 million), Toy Story (15.5 million), Zootropolis with 14.3 million and the king lion (original version) with 14m. In short, Super Mario Bros. It ranked sixth among animated productions in its sixth weekend, behind titles that grossed well below its total.

    And we come to the most important new release, namely Book Club – Next Chapter, which did not break as well as hoped, opening with 2.1 million on Friday and supposed to close the weekend at 7M. It was confirmed that it was still difficult to bring the elderly into the hall.

    Also the first appearance of hypnotic by Robert Rodriguez, starring Ben Affleck, which started at around $800-900K on Friday and $2.2-2.3M.

    For the rest a conservative legacy (-39%) to Home – awakening evilwhich should bring in another 3.6 million over the weekend (it made 1 million on Friday) thus reaching a total of 60 million, thus improving on Fede Alvarez’s 2013 edition, which stopped at 54.2 million.

    Overall, it would be a very good property for Are you with God? I’m Margaret, given that it only loses 28% and earns another 2.3 million. The problem is that with such ineffective impressions, the total so far is 16.3 million and one cannot expect to pass 20 million overall.

    source: The deadlines

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