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Guardian album available first patch – Nerd4.life

Guardian album available first patch - Nerd4.life

The NAPS team announced the first availability patch from Baldo: Guardian Album, which fixes some an insect Most reported by players around the world. The update was dubbed “HotFix 1” and can now be downloaded on PC and PlayStation consoles. Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Apple Arcade versions have been approved and will be arriving soon.

I am an insect Stabilizes They are: the red tentacle of the galleon, the lost stone in the abandoned mine, the possibility of standing behind the girl in the city of Rodia, the invisible walls in the cells with the skeletons of the Savoca prison, the walls of the invisible sewers, the last coffin of the circus, the statues with the torches of the Savoca prison and some collisions.

currently NAPS team Fixes an issue with resetting hearts, dendi (game currency), and orbs, as well as other glitches. Maps will also be improved and input lag issues on some configurations will be resolved. The PC version will also get graphics options, such as Resolution and Vsync.

Baldo: The Guardian Owls has become the subject of vigorous discussions in Italy, despite being purchased by very few citizens, at least on Steam.

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