Home entertainment GTA: Rockstar co-founder has opened a new studio, details

GTA: Rockstar co-founder has opened a new studio, details

GTA: Rockstar co-founder has opened a new studio, details

In this period, it seems that Rockstar Games is going through a period of major internal change. And in confirmation of this, we received news of an important change at the head of the company. Dan Houser, the well-known partner of Rockstar Games, recently opened a new studio, and left the house that over the years has allowed him to create some of the most famous and successful epic video games such as GTA and Red Dead Redempion.

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As noted by ResetEra user, a new company has recently been registered in the UK called Silly adventures in games. In an effort to learn more about it, the same user managed to find a very important detail, the presence at Dan Houser’s company, with the co-founder of Rockstar apparently involved in Absurd Ventures in Games as the game director.

Moreover, the same user shared other scattered details that he managed to discover about the new author studio for GTA and Red Dead Redempion. Absurd Ventures in Games came to life in the UK recently, this past June 23 and has been flagged as a company that will take care of Develop interactive and entertaining programs, hence from “video games”.

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For now, that’s all we know about the new company of Dan Houser, co-founder of Rockstar Games He left his old company last year. We don’t even know what Rockstar’s plans are for the future now that an important character has left the studio, or what the future of their historical IPs will be like those of GTA and Red Dead Redemption.

There is still a lot of smoke and mystery about GTA 6, but in the meantime we are waiting for an official announcement, you can buy GTA 5 which is still very popular on Amazon at this is the address.

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