Groves vs ‘sports haters’ – Swimmng Australia’s answer

    Groves vs 'sports haters' - Swimmng Australia's answer

    Two days ago we reported the silver medal in Rio Madeline Groves He announced his retirement from the Australian trials which will begin tomorrow in Adelaide.

    The 26-year-old entered the women’s 100m butterfly and 50m freestyle trials. In Rio, in 2016, she won the silver medal in the women’s 200-meter butterfly.

    The text of the publication announcing the decision reads:

    “I have made the decision not to participate in the Adelaide Olympic Trials. I am so grateful to have felt so supported in this decision. I feel very relieved and look forward to competing in some other competitions later in the year.

    “I am so excited to see everyone at the rehearsals (which are streamed on Amazon) and see who will represent Australia in Tokyo.

    Good luck to all the Olympic Trials contenders, but above all to my beautiful team.”

    Today, the starting lists for the first day of the qualifiers have been published. Groves’ name appears in the start menu. However, the Australian made it clear that she would not be there.


    at Last post yesterdayAnd the Muddy Groves He throws heavy accusations.

    “Let this be a lesson for all the misogynistic deviants in sports and their practitioners – you can no longer take advantage of young women and girls, be ashamed of their bodies, and then expect them to represent you so you can earn your annual reward. Time is up.”

    Today, June 11, Groves posted another comment:

    “Thank you so much everyone for the support! I was really overwhelmed with messages and I just want to thank people so much for taking the time to show they care.

    “It would be wrong for anyone to reduce my decision to a single incident. My decision is partly due to an ongoing pandemic, but more importantly, it is the culmination of years of watching and benefiting from a culture based on people ignoring bad behavior in order to thrive. I need a break. If starting This conversation would save even a little girl from something like telling her to lose weight or diet to go to the Olympics, it would be worth it.”

    Swimming in Australia’s response

    While not revealing other details, CEO swimming australiaAnd the Kieran PerkinsAnd he answered: I don’t know who he’s talking about or the reason for the complaint. I actually have no proof of that which is really very concerning. In terms of the culture of our sport, this is something that really touches the hearts of everyone involved in swimming.

    “We are a cross-generational sport. Each team has always had an equal number of male and female swimmers, and we work hard to provide an open and safe environment for everyone.

    “This does not mean that we always succeed. There have certainly been challenges over the years. I do not agree with that point of view.” (Hey ho)

    Follow Perkins: “She has never contacted Swimming Australia, and we have not been able to speak with her directly and analyze her concerns with her to find out what is going on.”

    “I can certainly reassure you and everyone that statements like this are of the utmost importance to us and that providing a safe environment for all of our participants is extremely important to us.

    However, unfortunately, social media posts do not constitute any actionable complaint for us. We actually need to sit down and talk to people about it.

    “We would like to do that and we would like Maddie to come and talk to us if she thinks she can.”. (Hey ho)

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