Groves accuses Australia’s swimming chief of being ‘irresponsible’

    Groves accuses Australia's swimming chief of being 'irresponsible'

    Muddy Groves She exposed herself in her fight against general cultural problems at home Swimming Australia. The athlete made other statements specifically against him Kieran Perkins.

    Perkins, President swimming australia, was called “irresponsible” when he denied the existence of a “misogynistic culture” that Groves denounces.

    In an interview with Nine wide world of sports Perkins said:

    “Swimming in Australia is not perfect. To suggest that there is a deep and endemic problem is a far cry from reality.”

    Perkins mentioned that too “I challenge anyone to say that there is a cultural problem with swimming right now”. (Watchman)

    In response to Perkins’ comments, Groves said:

    “Challenging anyone to suggest there is a cultural problem” while there is an ongoing investigation is deeply shocking and totally irresponsible.

    “How can you believe Kieran will take action when he is already outright denying there are problems despite being told before? Is this the right person to lead Australia’s first Olympic sport into the future? I can’t believe it.” (Watchman)

    He also noted that he received “There are a large number of letters from people reporting misconduct in Australian swimming (from about 78 people at the time, I’ve had a lot more since) and at that time several people were willing to sign affidavits explaining the misconduct.”

    “Despite that, and despite the fact that there was an investigation going on about swimming in Australia, Keren felt it was appropriate to say these things publicly.”

    The Maddy Groves case

    In June, Groves wrote on social media that she was retiring from trials. A few days later, he made severe accusations against the environment:

    “Let this be a lesson to all the perverts who hate sports and their feet. You can no longer take advantage of young women and girls, be ashamed of their bodies and then expect them to represent you so you can earn your annual reward. Time is up.”

    After these statements, an independent commission was formed. It was supported by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) through the Australian Institute of Sport, and Swimming Australia.

    The purpose of the session is to deepen and investigate issues related to women’s swimming experiences.

    Muddy Groves, speaking of her retirement from the Trials and thus from the Olympics, said:

    “It was disappointing to miss an opportunity like this, but the potential rewards completely outweigh the risk.

    “It is worth it. If this independent commission can achieve some significant results that make sport safer and more enjoyable for all stakeholders, not just women and girls, it is more valuable than an Olympic medal.”

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