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‘Green Arrow and The Canaries’ Dead in The CW, ‘The 100’ Prequel TBD – Deadline

'Green Arrow and The Canaries' Dead in The CW, 'The 100' Prequel TBD - Deadline

CW Officially don’t go ahead with Green Arrow and Canary IslandsAnd the His showing of the plot from the long-running superhero series Arrow. Green Arrow and Canary Islands Aired as an episode of ArrowThe final season is in January. The other is outstanding CW planted, 100 Prequel, which aired as part of the final season of Survival Drama, remains in dispute. The options expired on both branches last year.

CW President Mark Bidowitz said in May about the fate of both projects, which were produced by Warner Bros. TV: “They are in very active discussions to see what we can do.” “I’ve had many discussions with Warner Bros., and we’ve got a strategy involved – and we hope we’re able to implement it.”

The network heard the idea and the studio explored Green Arrow and Canary Islands And the 100 prequel works jointly on CW and WarnerMedia’s HBO Max. (Arrow And the 100 Stream on Netflix.) With all the latest CW series, after the directing deal with Netflix, available on HBO Max, ended that was considered a viable possibility. It could still happen to 100 prefix.

Starring Katherine McNamara, Katie Cassidy and Juliana Harkavy, Green Arrow and Canary Islands In the year 2040 in Star City and Mia Queen (McNamara) had everything she wanted. However, when Laurel (Cassidy) and Dina (Harkavy) suddenly appear in their lives again, things take a shocking turn and her ideal world is upended.

Tara Millie directed the episode written by Arrow Show, Beth Schwartz, co-author / executive producer Mark Guggenheim, executive producer Jill Blankenship, and co-executive producer Oscar Balderrama. The project came from Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros Television.

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