Government, still working to lower commissions on positions: time for changes

    Government, still working to lower commissions on positions: time for changes

    One of the toughest arguments in the recent financial gambit is back in vogue. Meloni’s government promised traders that up to €30 (initially there was talk of a €60 threshold) there would be no commitment that would lead to sanctions, and as reported by Republica, the correct solution is still being considered to accomplish this. a task. In particular, at the beginning of March, a table was drawn up in the Ministry of Economy to draw up a final plan, starting with lowering the cost of digital payments up to 10 euros, and then reducing it to 30. But the balance still needs to be found.

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    “Anyway, optimism filters, net overtime, the goal is to update the schedule immediately after Easter to close everything, is anticipation in Mef, for half a month” Reconstruct the timing he gave, which makes thinking of a happy ending soon. To complicate the situation, and to extend the expected times a bit, there is the fact that in Italy there is a wide variety of POS operators’ offers, with many cost elements that do not allow an easy comparison. “That is why synthetic indicators that are easy to understand, as is the case with other banking and financial products, will make life easier for traders and promote settlement of costs,” the idea that could make a decisive leap on the issue of commissions.

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