Home sport Government clarifies: Green corridor is not required for company canteens

Government clarifies: Green corridor is not required for company canteens

Government clarifies: Green corridor is not required for company canteens

How do we put it with Green Pass and company canteens? How do you go about it? To highlight the problem, with quite a few related controversies, the Turin case. In the past few hours, a storm broke out following the spread of news that Hanon System At Campiglione Fenile, workers who do not have Green Pass cannot access the company canteen. Unions are in full swing announcing a strike today, Friday, August 13, 2021. But after the quarrel, it was clarified The Piedmont region, which reversed the situation by making it clear that there will be no obligation to show the green certificate for access to the company’s canteens, as he explains Turin first.

Company in the Storm: Without the green lane you cannot enter the canteen

The company, in recent days, issued a press release to its employees organizing the situation regarding the canteen and lunch break. Briefly: Those who are not currently vaccinated in Italy do not have access to the company’s canteens. Or rather, only workers who own the green lane can access it. the others? They arrange for themselves how they want and where they want: they can go home to lunch, have a packed meal or collect food from the cafeteria and sit outside. The company also created a kind of Shaded lunch area with tables and a balcony to facilitate workers. anger trade unions, Wim Cecil (who accused the discriminators) declares a strike.

Piedmont region memo

To throw water on fire Illustration Piedmont region After the case exploded. he will not be there There is no obligation to obtain a green pass to access company canteens.

is not necessary To access company canteens, show certification, without prejudice to compliance with protocols or guidelines intended to prevent or contain infection.”

The note highlights:

“There are fundamental differences with respect to the different services offered by company canteens as compared to commercial catering. In one case, commercial catering is aimed at a heterogeneous audience, consisting of the group of public establishments that cater to consumers unorganized in the community, i.e. to customers who freely choose when and where it meets their needs Corporate Catering, on the other hand, it is oriented to A CClosed society, precisely defined and timely, during working hours, It is subject to a contract specifying the obligations and rights towards the contracting company, which obliges the contractor to do so Providing the service exclusively to the employees of the contracting party“.

So the canteen equals “Service activities“Which cannot be ruled out. The trend, for now, appears to have been set.

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national trend

For those who are wondering whether The rule applies only to Piedmont excerpt from Decree-Law No. 105 of July 23, 2021 – Urgent Procedures for Dealing with the Epidemic Emergency of COVID-19 – Green Pass.

“As is known, with the entry into force of Decree-Law No. 105 of July 23, 2021, from August 6 of next year, access to some services and activities¹ will be allowed only to persons with one of the green certificates for Covid-19². referred to in Article 9 Paragraph 2 of Decree-Law No. 52 of April 22, 2021 transferred by Law No. 87 of June 17, 2021. In this regard, given that the reference legislation has imposed restrictions on those who do not possess diplomas, some are provided Indications related, in particular, to employees’ access to service canteens, to bar/restaurant activities, as well as to leisure clubs.”

As for canteens, he explained:

Activities related to the use of food All employees are allowedwithout prejudice to compliance with protocols or guidelines intended to prevent or contain infection. With regard to the arrival of outside persons/guests, care will be taken to implement the provisions of Legislative Decree No. 105 of July 23, 2021 regarding the possession of Covid-19 Green Certificates.”

The company’s decision based on explanations Ministry of Interior Affairs, So it appears to be illegal and employees’ right to access company canteens, regardless of green card, should apply nationally.

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