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Google will let you see the streets in a whole new way! Here are the changes to the maps

  Google will let you see the streets in a whole new way!  Here are the changes to the maps

Google continues to update its Google Maps app On Android After appreciating new features related to navigation in augmented reality or in augmented Realt in the past, today Mountain View decided to introduce a new innovation that can only be suitable for those who use, on foot, the Google navigator. Yes, because in the next few days an Android update will be released during which, Street View will allow the use of split view mode This means that it will be possible to divide the smartphone screen into two parts to display the real view of the road in one and in the other the map with the roads from the top and the location in real time.

Google Maps: Here’s the feature to navigate on foot

In this case so Users using Street View on Google Maps will automatically find news as soon as they start navigating in Earth View. In this case The screen will be divided into two parts The screen at the top will show the Street View Maps above while at the bottom of the screen, the Classic Map from the top will be anchored with the streets. A novelty that is likely to take hold in the next few days or weeks in Italy as well, because at the moment it cannot start that way.

Moreover, if you access Street View directly fromCardFrom a place, in this case the screen will not split but the normal screen will appearFull screen interface. At the bottom there will be a button with two arrows that will allow you to switch to the modeSplit screen instantly.

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like he saidThe update must be server-sideAnd it appears to be so Being postedIn recent releases of Google Maps. Currently everythingReportsFrom users come with smartphonesMale in appearanceBut it may also appear sooniOS.

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