Google Photos shows two potential news: Video Unblur coming to Pixel 8?

    Google Photos shows two potential news: Video Unblur coming to Pixel 8?

    The usual search in the depths of the application Google Images from colleagues from It allowed us to peek at some of the features Mountain View could offer in the future. It was eye-catching Unblur the videosSister’s job The image is not blurred which debuted in November with the Pixel 7, which is why it’s believed to be capable for the first time with i successors Which has been talked about enough in recent days.


    If, as we showed you a few days after the Pixel 7 presentation, Photo Unblur allows you to refocus previously blurry photos even if they were taken from other devices, Unblur the videos It will do just the same thing but it extends to the videos. It may seem like a trivial prospect but it’s not at all: refocusing a shot is one thing, and refocusing one by one the thousands of frames that make up a video is another story in terms of chip loading.

    But Pixel Tensor is also developed for this purpose. Video Unblur is already there, with a little patience my colleagues managed to activate it and take the screenshots that you see above, but apart from the interface there is no tangible effect because it is clear It is being worked on. And once it is ready, it is unlikely that after so much work it will not be shown for the first time, Perhaps as a feature on the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

    video effects

    And in terms of video, Google will work on Another possibilitywhich is to give the user the ability to choose between some effects to apply to video clips via a new tab in the clip editing screen that is called at the moment overlays. Also in this case it would have been possible to enable it, but just as in the case of Video Unblur, in addition to the interface for choosing and managing effects, there are no practical implications: In short, there is the interface, not yet the functionality.

    Presently appear 14 different effects, When Google introduces overlays to images, it is not said that it will leave them all or, on the contrary, will not insert new ones. At the moment there are:

    • after school
    • black and white
    • chromatic
    • straight ahead
    • vitreous
    • golden
    • moire
    • multiply
    • Polaroid
    • rainbow rays
    • reflects
    • RGB pulse
    • super 8
    • VHS.
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