Google Maps: You won’t be able to do without it anymore, this new feature is a breakthrough


    Google Maps brings a great novelty to users: it is a widget that will soon be available to all Android smartphones.

    Google Maps
    Google Maps – Motori.News

    The new tool will make it easier to use a file Google Maps Especially when driving. In a very short time, the application will display real-time traffic, no longer forcing users to log in, but directly through the tool.

    The tool will be accessible from the lock screen. It will only take a few seconds to keep the traffic situation under control.

    Google Maps, here’s what you can do with just a click of the zoom button

    At the moment, the app provides information regarding arrival and travel times, so it makes an estimate. It also indicates congestion on the road using the colors yellow, orange and red, allowing passengers to change lanes in the event of a delay. Offering a real-time traffic tool, no one will be able to do without it. This will be an additional intuitive tool for users all over the world, especially useful for those who are forced to travel for work, study or just for fun, meeting friends etc.


    In the application, it will be possible to change travel times by choosing the best routes and thus avoid traffic by zooming in and out. With the zoom button, you can check the traffic in a specific area without necessarily having to look at the general map as I have done so far. The tool will be available as of the next few weeks, so it is not currently available in the library. Anyway, in order to use it, you will still need to start the application Google Maps Otherwise, the widget will not work.

    Google Maps latest updates

    Google Maps Over the past few weeks, it has launched several updates in an effort to satisfy users’ wants and needs. Life today is hectic so it is necessary to simplify everything and avoid wasting time unnecessarily.

    Since last week, for example, users have been able to check the air quality index to avoid polluted areas. But this week, the ability to view fee rates was introduced in some regions. At the moment, the United States, Japan, Indonesia and finally India are worried.

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