Google Maps, goodbye to the version we all knew: now we’re going to use it this other way

    Google Maps, goodbye to the version we all knew: now we’re going to use it this other way
    Improvements to Google Maps on the web –

    Google Maps is one of those services that everyone has tried at least once, and its usefulness and ease of use have certainly made it an absolute necessity in everyday life.

    Travel, find a point on the map or see the most beautiful cities simply by entering their streets with street view, which now covers almost every road on earth, even the most unknown and least crowded road.

    The simplicity and operation of the app are just two of the characteristics that have led Google Maps to differentiate itself from other competing apps, what users prefer is actually credibility, there Accuracy Especially personalization from the application.

    Organizing trips and discovering new destinations on foot, by public transport or by car is especially quick when you need a straight answer right away, but some aspects in Desktop version on the web So much that over time creates the need for an update that is finally about to arrive.

    Google Maps web version will be available soon Two new tabs This will greatly improve the planning of trips and commutes, and also make it faster to manage favorite and already visited destinations and places.

    How will Google Maps change?

    New named sections will be added to the web version “save yourself” And “Recently”, Their purpose is already known to Google Maps mobile users but now the benefits can also be enjoyed from a computer. In the Saved tab, you can customize your lists of favorite destinations or points of interest Divide them into categories and add descriptions and notes per site. The new lists, in addition to the four that already exist by default on Google Maps, both private and public, can be excellent if you want to organize a group trip or a romantic surprise.

    Organizing itineraries with Google Maps – (Source: freepik)

    The Recent Destinations section will be more useful soon It will group all destinations searched by city by citybut only if your Google Maps history is active, thanks to which you can collect lists and lists of destinations to remember with nostalgia or to visit again.

    All these innovations, in addition to the tools already present on Google Maps such as showing satellite maps, traffic or less polluting roads, will allow Create travel itineraries Memorable for users of all ages.

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