Google Maps gives you the ability to “time travel” | Here’s how to activate this option: It’s mind-boggling

    Google Maps gives you the ability to “time travel” |  Here’s how to activate this option: It’s mind-boggling
    A somewhat hidden option in Google Maps allows you to go back in time –

    We all use Google Maps almost every day to make sure we don’t lose our bearings – here’s a hidden advantage. In fact, the options of the Big G app allow you to “travel through time” by observing how a particular place looked in the past via Street View: to do this, you just need to follow very simple steps.

    Since time immemorial, humanity has been wondering about time. On the other hand, the past is an essential part of who we are today. In many novels, movies, and TV series, we’ve noticed screenwriters and writers wondering what time travel could be like thanks to a few tricks. There are many cultural examples, even Tenet, one of the last great cinematic productions in this sense.

    Time is as important as it is intangible, and yet we now have a job to savor A little time travel Even on our smartphones. Photographs captured, texts written, and videos captured are all testimonies that tell us in some way about the past. but If you can go back for a walk in the street? Obviously, this is not about any revolutionary discovery and no mad scientist has been able to develop a time machine. It’s about something much simpler that we have in our hands almost every day: Google Maps.

    Go back in time with Google Maps: here’s how

    The question is very simple. In the Big G app, we find the function street view Which allows us to virtually “walk” the streets of the world. Perhaps not everyone knows that there is an option to monitor Same streets but in different years from the current. Some places have pictures going way back Even sixteen years ago. To monitor them, just open the app and follow a few steps, as is On both Android and iOS. Once the application has started, we must first search for the address we are interested in.

    Not all places have images other than the current ones –

    From here, you have to touch the icon in the upper right nested squaresWhere we will find the option street view And the ability to select a point on the blue line. When viewed in Street View, it can be seen below Screen can be pulled up: After doing that we will find the option See other dates. In the event that this does not appear, then this means that it is No other photos are available about the exact location. In short, this gem is a bit hidden, but very convenient for restoring photos from some time ago and for almost time travel.

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