Google, everybody uninstall Chrome: Microsoft likes the search engine better for these reasons

    Google, everybody uninstall Chrome: Microsoft likes the search engine better for these reasons
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    Giant Google is losing users, and Chrome seems to have been disliked in recent years due to its limitations, but what is the reason for uninstalling?

    The polls speak. Google Chrome, The search engine giant is slowly disappearing. More and more users are giving up on using it and the problem seems to be related to Safari and Microsoft updates causing Chrome, which was one of the most used search engines, to lose points.

    The opposing giant wants to get back on track, By launching something new called Edge Workspaces. To achieve the historic change that has occurred in recent years regarding the use of search engines on both mobile devices and stationary devices such as PCs and laptops, you only need to conduct a simple survey among the people you know.

    In this way it will be easy to notice that Chrome is disappearing from the habits of the Italians. Instead, Microsoft is being re-evaluated by its customers Launching a new specialty Update your Edge browser.

    Microsoft’s announcement, Edge Workspaces is the novelty that will go beyond the functionality of Chrome

    The ad came directly from the manufacturer. Anddge workspaces is a new feature Which will arrive first with a preview, after which it will be launched permanently on all devices. The possibilities of Edge workspaces are endless.

    Among what allows you create a space in the browser dedicated to a specific work project, Or projects dedicated to private life, such as organizing trips, lunches with relevant recipes, and any kind of idea can be developed thanks to the new functionality.

    An example of how Edge workspaces work – themagazinetech

    Chrome is still lagging behind: this time Microsoft Edge is giving way to improving users’ work

    The browser can be renamed, according to the project, a real one can be created tab groups and bookmarks, Which will help speed up project searches, while keeping everything together. This way you can too Save entire groups of browser search tabs for sharing With whom to collaborate on the project through a single link.

    Collaboration will be greatly simplified, and it will be a huge step forward for both the workplace and the organization. In fact, a year ago, Microsoft had already talked about it and made some vague hints, but now the company has categorically clarified the details of the project. With the update, you’ll be able to divide your work into windows, so you can stay focused by dividing task by task.

    Once the cards are shared with the team, other participants will also be able to make changes (as they already do on Google Drive). Chrome also has similar features, but they are less intuitive, in fact you have to download separate extensions, which makes everything more difficult for users.

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