Google, billions of users are at risk: don’t click on these banners

    Google, billions of users are at risk: don’t click on these banners

    Beware of pop-ups: you can open your computer to malicious people and get a sudden bill.

    Using a computer to surf the Internet is generally safe but bad guys are everywhere, with elaborate techniques to exploit vulnerabilities and incorrect user behaviour. That’s why you have to be careful with every click: you can hide risks to your computer’s safety and expose us to computer scams.

    Google encoders
    Behind this pop-up is a bone-chilling risk: be careful what you click on –

    You should be especially careful if you are using a browser to access the web Google Chrome. company NTT Securitywhich deals with the prevention and detection of cyber risks, together with many security experts, in fact Issue an alert about a new attack It has been around since February.

    Do not trust bad people – the pop-up contains very dangerous malware

    Browsing with Chrome, in fact, you may come across many pop-ups and interactive graphical interface elements, such as windows and tiles, that automatically appear while you are using an application or browsing a website to grab your attention. Not all of them are harmful, but what is being circulated now is very risky: Let’s see what makes it different from others and why you should pay attention to it.

    Warning signs: slowdowns and errors
    The program in the file slows down your computer and makes it more vulnerable –

    The popup will appear while browsing a site that has — unbeknownst to us — been hacked, and it will look completely legitimate because, apparently, it’s coming from Google Chrome. Content about browser update error messagewhich goes to something like this:

    There was an error updating Chrome’s auto-update. Please install the update package manually later or wait for the next automatic update.

    Behind this message is not Google, but cybercriminals. The recipients of the message were encouraged to download what appeared to be a legitimate and indeed necessary update Download a .zip file that contains malicious code.

    Inside the file is actually a file Cryptocurrency miner, which uses the computing power of a personal computer to carry out its energy-intensive operations. all of that At the expense of the overall performance of the computer, and with a significant increase in the amount of the bill for electricity.

    being malwarecan also provide Bad actors have full access to your sensitive information And change some settings. How do you know you are actually a victim? You will begin to notice that without installing or using particularly cumbersome software, and therefore in carrying out your usual activities, your computer slows down considerably in loading times and is more prone to errors and sudden interruptions of activity. And the electricity bill will leave no room for doubt.

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