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Google, 36 US states denounce the company for monopoly – Nerd4.life

Google, 36 US states denounce the company for monopoly - Nerd4.life

In what appears to be an extension of the well-known struggle between Apple and Epic Games, they also entered well 36 states of the United States of AmericaWhich is what they decided to do Wave But the The Google, for an alleged monopoly position, regarding the management of the Play Store.

The lawsuit, dated July 7, 2021 and therefore very recent, has been formally filed by various states including Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Tennessee and Utah, citing a dominant and incorrect position of Google in. Play Store management Connected to Android.

The question is also about fame 30% that Google gets from every transaction in its own store, but also the prestige compared to other stores, which it has earned thanks to the company’s lobbying as an operating system manager.

However, Google considers the whole thing a “cause without reason”, moreover “the side”He said it was being carried out by prosecutors from different countries who chose to “attack a system that allows more openness and choice than others.”

With this, Google probably refers to the strangeness of the attack that does not affect other similar stores, such as Apple stores, and also thinks about how the Android system is greater openness towards different possibilities. As for the similarity to the famous Fortnite lawsuit, it was also mentioned by Google’s director of public policy, Wilson White: “This accusation reiterates a similarly futile accusation by the great developer. Epic Games, which took advantage of Android’s openness by distributing the Fortnite app outside of Google Play.”

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As for the lawsuit, Google argues, “It’s not about helping smaller entities or protecting consumers. It’s just about helping big developers who want the benefits of Google Play but don’t pay for them. Such a request has greater risks and costs for smaller developers.”

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