Goodbye Z symbol of Russian aggression. After Zurich, it is also up to Samsung

     Goodbye Z symbol of Russian aggression.  After Zurich, it is also up to Samsung

    After Zurich, which removed the Z from its social profiles, Samsung itself also distanced itself from the code used by the Russian armed forces in the conflict in Ukraine. The South Korean multinational has decided – according to a rebound on social media and Ukrainian media – to remove the Z from the names of its foldable smartphones offered for sale in European regions on the border with Russia, in particular the latest generation Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3.

    Ukraine and GB intelligence: “Russian soldiers refuse to carry out orders”

    The station, in particular, reached Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, but according to some rumors, it could be extended to other European countries. The Z has disappeared from the official Samsung website, but also from packaging and billboards. The code, according to the company, gave the image of an instantaneous folding device, but now it is clear that the plight of the public for the invasion decided by Vladimir Putin could jeopardize the sale of products. In recent days, the Zurich insurance company has also decided to remove the code containing a Z from its social profiles.

    Last update: Thursday, March 31, 2022, 07:51

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