Goodbye to WhatsApp chats: with the new version they can disappear forever


    According to some leaks, Whatsapp chats could undergo a major change. In fact, it appears that the team running the app intends to delete them in order to replace them. But in what way?

    Goodbye to WhatsApp chats: with the new version they can disappear forever
    With this new patch, groups will undergo a permanent change –

    The WhatsApp, as we have always known, continually tends to undergo fundamental changes with respect to Careers that chat In itself. We are not surprised by anything anymore, especially when it comes to addition new feelings. There is nothing special about it glorified with joy After all.

    But here, perhaps, we will have to drastically change our views: The WhatsApp probably , revolution. Meaning, speaking specifically, it seems that they intend to change a file the system from chat From the app to replace it with a completely different one.

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    L ‘cooperation Which we’ll talk about shortly we think it could be one good news For those who hate me Whatsapp groups, especially those who have Many people inside. Sometimes they become unmanageable, that is the case Normal It may not satisfy everyone like Adjust.

    New addition

    Goodbye to WhatsApp chats: with the new version they can disappear forever
    So far, this update is probably among the most interesting to date –

    But that’s exactly it talking point: They may come Removal Whatsapp to make room for different type of options. We are aware of this information thanks WaBetaInfoAnd who always informs us of the possible the changes Application.

    In the next few days, so, a Update Aiming to change different Careers in order to improveApplication in addition to. The main will affect the groupsAnd it seems that, perhaps, they will be eliminated Transformation in a kind of society.

    It will be like a file social network Most likely, with the possibility of introducing the gods subgroups Based on management, therefore, in a more organized way chat Itself. Users will be able to create a real one social communication In short words. The only thing that will remain the same, for sure, will be there Careers that we use for input users in groups via a invite link.

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    And as we said above, it’s a file Update Who will see the light later, so there’s no way to know day where it will come chest. We’ll have to wait for more information before we find out.

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