Goodbye to Telepass? There’s great news for everyone: what’s changing

    Goodbye to Telepass?  There’s great news for everyone: what’s changing

    It seems to be an idea from recent years, yet Telepass has more than thirty: here’s how it could soon be replaced.

    The car passes without having to pay money to the toll collector and wait for the latter to activate the mechanism that raises the barrier. It may sound fresh from the 2000s, but it really is Telepass On the A1, it was first installed in conjunction with the Italian World Cup in 1990. Obviously, after 33 years, it would also be natural to think that this mechanism could be slowly replaced. And this is what happens.

    Telepass (

    Indeed, first of all, we have already had a rebirth in 2022 Uniball Move. what is he talking about? Practically the first real Telepass competition. Thus, it is a matter of implementing a device in the car, practically similar in all respects to Telpass, which can already be used in many Italian tollbooths. any? You will recognize them as you approach the toll booth, they are the yellow ones with the European Union flag symbol inside. However, it must be said that, unlike Telepass, the UnipolMove machine can, at the moment, only operate within Italian territory.

    Goodbye Telepass: Silly Last Minute

    Of course, between the clearances and the desire to differentiate itself from the competition in something, UnipolMove has some differences to offer with the electronic tolling company that is now over thirty years old. For example, with Telepass we will pay: electronic fees, reduced parking, entrances to Zone C in Milan, ferries to / from Messina Caronte and Tourist. There are functions instead of granny: electronic tolling, blue lines and dependent parking, road tax, PagoPA and other payments, refueling and Zone C in Milan.

    All this for Unipol’s one euro per month fee. By paying an additional 50 cents, you can also order an additional device but it is always attached to the same license plate, to be changed free of charge if you wish. Not only is this novelty cheaper to choose from Telepass, but it also offers, as it was easy to imagine, special offers for anyone who should be a UnipolSai customer. If you are, you may want to take a look at the company’s website.

    Italian motorway ( – ‚Äč‚ÄčAnsa photo)

    Moreover, the real novelty of the new device that competes with Telepass is that it will be possible to activate the so-called service Pay per use. In other words, the possibility of the monthly toll starting only on the first pass through the toll booth and being frozen for an entire month if one does not use the highway again within that period. Finally, there are three possibilities to join the UnipolMove offer and not only for those who are already clients of the company.

    The application can be submitted at either Official sitewhether with a tablet or smartphone, by entering UnipolSai applicationin everything UnipolSai Agencies. Finally, another grandmother who was born in 2022. She is called money, An alternative to Enel and Intesa Sanpaolo. Payment of fees is part of the MooneyGo offer. With it, we will have access to payments for: parking on the blue lines, public transport, trains and buses, taxis and ride-sharing. MooneyGo was born in July 2022.

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